Famous Armenians: Ervand Kochar

Hello everyone, this is my first article and it will be devoted to Ervand Kochar, hope you will like it!

Ervand Kochar

Art is art everywhere, but unfortunately not all “grand” artists get the popularity, honor and attention they truly deserve.

This is true for Ervand Kochar, armenian genius, one of the most prominent representative of the twentieth century symbolism and avant-garde art movements. 

Those who really appreciate art will understand.


Ervand Kochar is the founder of a new plastic-artistic direction «Penture dans l’espase» ( «Spatial painting”), which contains the time, as an additional fourth dimension. European art thought considered Kochar “One of those, who in a few years turned the world and completely modified the presentation of contemporary art …”



Many of us his compatriots will say “oh,  i know this is the name of the street”, but i truely hope that a lot more people know that it’s the name of the armenian artist, the master of sculpture and paiting.

Ervand Kochar

If you enjoyed reading this article and want to know more you can visit his museum.

Address: Yerevan, Armenia, Mesrop Mashtots Avenue 39/12. For operating hours and prices check the link above.


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