Hovhannes Tumanyan: A Legend

Writers are those people who are destined to change something, to play a role in their nation’s history. They speak for people and about them, they give hope and belief that better tomorrow is near and hard days are fading. One of this unique writers was Hovhannes Tumanyan.

He was called the “pan-Armenian poet” during his lifetime. Until today his popularity still remains great and every armenian knows him. His works are loved not only in Armenia, but also far from its borders. In every place where Armenians live, his words remind them of their sweet and sunny homeland.


Hovhannes Tumanyan’s inspiration came from everyday ordinary activities of the people. The heroes of his works are simple villagers. They love and they face so many sad situations, they fight for the place under the sun and dream about happiness.

Tumanyan’s word is amazingly simple, natural and at the same time poetically inspired and beautiful, wise and deep; it comes from the energetic elements of native language.

“Each poet, first of all, should be the heart of his people,” Tumanyan wrote and he was that heart.

Two great operas “Anush” and “Almast” were based on Tumanyan’s ballads. His other works like “A Drop of Honey”, “Parvana”, ”Brave Nazar”,   “Gikor”,  ”The dog and the cat” are also gems.

Armenian State Puppet Theater in Yerevan is named after him, there is Tumanyan St. in central Yerevan.

There are two museums of Hovhannes Tumanyan in Armenia, one in his birthplace Dsegh and another one in Yerevan.

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