Martiros Saryan: Master of Colors

Martiros Saryan is a master of colors, master of representation, master of vison, his art will outlast us all.

He is one of the great artists of the twentieth century, the founder of a modern Armenian national school of painting.


Color wisordy that he gave to his homeland will always be appreciated and acclaimed by all art enthusiasts.

We have two Armenia the real one and the one created by Saryan and they are blended together for a lifetime , the beauty of Armenian nature.

Martiros Saryan

Art that inspires good feelings and deep faith in future – is the Art that does not age.

And now, when humanity is going through difficult and anxious days, life-affirming art of Saryan keeps pace with time.

Martiros Saryan art

Words wont describe the credit of this master.


So once you are in Yerevan, do not forget  to visit Saryan Museum.

Museum address 3 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan.

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