Our Hero: Aurora Mardiganian

Aurora Mardiganian  is known as a hero, survivor, great and brave woman, who saw so many horrible things during Armenian Genocide. She wrote a book about that painful period of her life and then mada a movie in which she told the whole world the truth.

She was born in Western Armenia, in Chmshkatsag in the Dersim province, which is now known as Tunceli Province in Turkey.

Aurora Mardiganian

Everything began in 1915. She saw her father and a brother killed, then she was compelled with her mother and sisters, to join other Armenian women who were deported to the deserts of Syria.

Aurora Mardiganian was given for the equivalent of 85 U.S. cents to the harem of a tribal leader.

 She attempted to escape and in the second time she did it. She was found after 18 months by american missioners who took care of her.

Arriving to New-York in 1918 she published a book “Ravished Armenia” and was on the cover with armenian traditional dress.

Ravished Armenia

Her life was a battle, she struggled, she made a history.

Aurora Prize humanitarian award was established in honor of Aurora Mardiganian.

Know your history to know your heroes.

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