Paruyr Sevak: a Master of Word

Paruyr Sevak,  is an Armenian poet, whose philosophy, original style, capability of describing and transmitting emotions, ability to influence and alter,  distinguish him from the common run of mankind.

His poems are deep and simple at the same time, you will never get tired of reading his works,  as you will find freedom, humanity and respect in them.

Paruyr Sevak

You will feel love in every sentence you read.  Just enjoy it!

It always comes by roads uncharted and unmapped,
Like water falling during rain or spring-time thaw,
That’s love.

For centuries now the Dutch fight hard to capture land
From sea, the omnipotent sea,
They wrestle sand from water, grain by grain, one handful at a time,
That’s love.

As the colossus of a ship approaches
The low-hanging bridges of the river,
They fling their arms up in the air—
A gesture of immediate surrender.
That’s love.

You wittily converse with everyone around you,
Producing answers, swift like a machine,
But in your mind, you only speak with her,
The one that’s far from you,
Whose name is all you have in your possession—
A passport missing the official stamp,
That’s love.

The drumming of your arteries resounds like stillicide,
The kind that eats its way through rocks,
At night, insomnia weaves an impenetrable net,
It’s not a net for catching fish,
It’s thick enough to strangle people
That’s love.

You find you’ve grown vulnerable and tender
As if you’ve suddenly been forced to shed your skin,
That’s love.

Two eyes relentlessly pursue you,
Two eyes—two stamps that burn their brands into your life,
into the water that you drink, into your world
into your every drop of blood.

Two eyes,
Two stamps,
Two seals,
Two branding irons,
That’s love.

Paruyr Sevak is one of the greatest armenian poets of 20th century. After his tragic death in a car crash, he was buried in the backyard of his home, in Zangakatun.

Today it is a museum оpen to everyone.

There is aslo a street in Yerevan named after him.

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