Top things to know about Armenia

I guess the strength of any nation is in the unity of its people, unity of moral values and ideas. Regardless of our nationality we all are different but when it comes to our homeland we should all be the same.

I will introduce you some top things about Armenia and Armenians.

The most popular fruits in Armenia that are symbolized with our nation are apricot and pomegranate. If you want to know the real taste of these fruits than you should visit our country.


Water here is so pure and tasty that tap water is  safe for consumption. Besides you can find a number of public water fountains (pulpulak) from where all country guests can drink water


Armenian lavash is a very thin bread that is popular among people and is very tasty and dietry.  Lavash is of an ancient origin and has not changed much over several thousand years.


Armenians like to drink coffee, a cup of fresh oriental coffee is a must before living a house or during friendly gatherings.


“Barev dzez” means hello in Armenian and “tstesutyun” means good bye.

We are the first nation to adopt christianity as its official religion and we have a number of  beautiful and historic churches.


Armenia is one of the safest countries you can feel safe walking alone at night and if you got lost someone will surey help you to find the way.

Explore Armenia!


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