Vahan Teryan: Autumn and Love

It is autumn. Can you feel it? Can you describe its beauty? No one but Vahan Teryan could do this. Red and yellow leaves, grey sky, mist, kind of sadness in human soul, rain…

Vahan Teryan is a prominent Armenian poet and lyrist.

He had great imagination and is known for his romantic poemsdedicated to autumn and love. So many colors, so many feelings, symbols of sorrows and pure love.

In 1908 he published his first book of poems called “Dreams at Dusk“, which made him an immediate sensation, Hovhannes Tumanyan calling him the most original lyric poet of his age. He raised Armenian literature to a new level, brought his ideas, dreams, imagination, his language.

Vahan Teryan

The portrait of Teryan by Martiros Saryan.


I love your dark and wicked eyes, as deep
as the mysterious evening is deep, and dark
as the spell that dusk casts. I love the vast
seascape of your eyes where sin
hesitates like twilight before flickering past
where luck and chance have been.
I love your eyes, their drunken golden haze,
eyes that magnetize the lost like wordless beams
and torture the soul with their pitiless
caress. I love their dark and mysterious depths.

Vahan Teryan is buried at Komitas Pantheon which is located in the city center of Yerevan.

Home Museum of Teryan is in Gandza village, Javakhk.

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