Vardges Surenyants Heritage

The intenisty of colors,  the delicacy of composition, the deepness of nations pain, the unique style of telling the history, the undescrible power of talent, this and much more came out of the god gifted armeinan painter, sculptor, illustrator Vardges Surenyants.

Any self respecting armenian should at a first glance recognize the works of this master.

Vardges Surenyants, Salome

Vardges Surenyants gave birth to historical genre of Armenian painting.

Vardges Surenyants, The Return of Queen Zabel

He is and was  one of the greatest graphic artists and the first scene-painter in eastern Armenian fine arts.

Vardges Surenyants, Firdousi reading Shannameh to Shah Mahmud Ghaznavi

I am proud to be his follower.

Vardges Surenyants, Desecrated Shrine

Talented person is talented in everything, he knew Russian, Persian, Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Turkish languages and one of the most respected intellectuals of his time and years ahead.

Vardges Surenyants, In the Harem

Know Vardges Surenyants, know his heritage if you consider yourself a real carrier of your culture.


His works can be found at National Gallery of Armenia, located on Yerevan’s Republic Square.


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