Volkswagen futuristic car concept

We cannot escape from future and cannot escape from the opportunities and changes that it may bring.

Technology futuristic concepts are getting more and more bizarre every day and they remind us that human creativity and mind is boundless.

Volkswagen has always been innovative and this time it came along with a new ultramodern VW car concept of a hippie microbus.

concept volkswagen-1

This car came from the future, it’s driven by electricity, has self-driving functions and crazy design.


Made by the design of its’ 60s iconic model it looks pretty cool.

volkswagen-concept (4)

It can be charged to 80% in 1.5 hour and can cover 270 miles.

volkswagen-concept (3)

It could be charged up to 80% in just about half an hour and has a driving range of 270 miles by just one charge.

It is equipped with laser, ultrasonic, and radar sensors.

volkswagen-concept (2)

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